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Licensed insurance managing general agent based in Dallas with close associations at Lloyd’s of London

Most people in the insurance business know us as BMG but our full name is BritAmerica Management Group Inc. (BMG Inc.) and, individually, each of those words means something.

Essentially we are a small group of expert professionals who manage and arrange the insurance requirements of a diverse group of customers. We also specialize in managing insurance in some quite unusual areas, in particular special risks and equine mortality.

The BritAmerica part of our name explains a lot more about us. We have offices in Dallas, Texas, and London, England. We are licensed to write insurance business in 50 US States, our management has 30 years of experience in both the U. S. and London markets.

Much of that business is placed through our London office and underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and London markets. We distribute some Lloyd’s programs directly into the US, and work closely with Lloyd’s in Illinois. Britamerica also represents various domestic markets, some of which are exclusive.

As you can see we’re not your usual American insurance broker. In fact we think we’re positively unusual. Perhaps that’s why our business is growing so quickly.