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BMG Inc. Can insure Everything from Animals to Zoos

On other pages we have talked about our track record in equine and pet insurance. However our expertise doesn’t just extend to horses, cats and dogs – we’re happy to help whatever creature insurance comfort you need.

Our most amusing moment was when somebody called and asked if insuring a Giraffe would be a tall order? The answer was of course ‘yes’, and ‘no’.

In our portfolio of expertise we insure mortality for cattle, hogs, dolphins and whales, alpacas and llamas, chicken and sheep and any number of random zoo animals. If you breed animals we also insure semen in storage and semen in transit.

In general we offer the following cover:

  • All risks of mortality
  • Restricted perils
  • Limited government slaughter
  • Accidental and external injury
  • Theft
  • Transit

However, as with the Giraffe, no request is too tall. And nothing is too small.